2015 Enrolments

open 9am

Monday 20th of October!!!!!!!!



The newest aquatic centre in Victoria has just signed on to host the entire 3 weeks of VICSWIM Summer Kidz in 2015.

Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Centre.


 “Now that the VICSWIM Summer  Kidz swim program has finished I wanted to take the time to congratulate you on your achievement!

Water, whether it be the beach, the pool or the river, is such a huge part of the lives of us Aussies.

A program like VICSWIM, is not about finding the next Olympic swimming champion, it's about learning an essential life skill.

Learning to swim and water survival skills is something that, once you've mastered, will be with you for the rest of your life and will allow you to able to enjoy water activities.

Along the way, if we do discover the next Olympic Champ, then that would be pretty cool too!”

Stay safe in the water,
Nicole Livingstone O.A.M.


What We Do

VICSWIM has provided Victorians with fun and educational aquatic holiday programs since 1976. VICSWIM focuses on learn to swim and water safety skills, both in pools and open water venues across the state. VICSWIM now offers new locations to meet an increasing demand.

VICSWIM seeks to ensure that all Victorians have the opportunity to access water safety, survival and swimming programs (for both children and adults), that maximize safety and attitudes ensuring confidence and the ability to enjoy aquatic environments.

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