Term & Conditions - VICSWIM Summer Kidz Program 

The role of the parent/guardian at the location: parents/guardians are expected to remain at the location at all times during their child's participation in their designated class.

Handover of student / Duty of Care: when arriving at the location, the parent/guardian should take their child to their designated VICSWIM teacher to ensure that their child's name is marked 'in' on the attendance sheet for that day. After the completion of the class, the VICSWIM teacher will ensure that the child is released directly into the care of the parent/guardian before marking the child 'out' on the attendance sheet and allowing them to leave the location.

Age: program participants must be 4 years and over prior to the start of the VICSWIM program to participant.

Code of Behaviour: participants undertaking the VICSWIM program are expected to cooperate with the instruction and direction of VICSWIM and venue staff. VICSWIM teachers are responsible for the children directly involved in their class while the class is being conducted. Inappropriate disruptive behaviour could result in exclusion from class (es). VICSWIM teachers are not responsible for the general supervision of others at the location. Parents should ensure that appropriate supervision is provided at all other times.
Refund policy: if a location is cancelled for any reason you may request a full refund or transfer your children to an alternative location provided. In the event of wet or cold weather all teachers are advised to continue with classes or implement the wet weather policy. 
Wet Weather & Code Red Policy: Rain and cold weather is not a reason to cancel a lesson. On days where the pool or open water venue, cannot be used due to weather conditions, land activities will be conducted. Participants who decide not to attend or participate in booked activities on the basis of weather will not be entitled to a refund. In the event of a Code Red day some regional outdoor pools may employ their Code Red Emergency Management Plan.
Transferring between locations: the transfer between VICSWIM locations is no longer possible once the booking is finalised. Please double check before confirming your payment as once this is processed the booking is final.
Medical: To claim a medical refund, parents must send a letter outlining the number of days attended together with a medical certificate and a copy of the program receipt. Requests for medical refunds must be received by the VICSWIM office. Refunds will only be considered for medical reasons for children who have completed no more than two (2) lessons in any one program. The pool entry fee, where applicable, will not be refunded for medical refunds where the child has attended part of the program. The cancellation of online registration for reasons other than medical conditions will incur an administration fee of $15.00 
Medical conditions: if your child has a medical condition, for example asthma, attention deficit disorder, diabetes, epilepsy, it must be written and communicated in the enrolment application stage. Please include additional information/notes in the child details section, providing a detailed explanation of your child's medical condition to ensure that the instructor is able to cater and tailor the program to enhance learning opportunities.

Children with a disability: children with a disability are encouraged to participate in the VICSWIM program. When enrolling, the Instructor in Charge should be informed of any additional needs your child requires to enable participation. Participation is conditional upon the VICSWIM location being able to provide the additional support services arranged through consultation between the Teacher in Charge and the parent. Please indicate in the child details section if your child is regarded as having a disability and complete the medical information on the form. Parents and/or caregivers are encouraged to attach a note providing further explanation if required.

Skin Care: VICSWIM encourages all participants to wear appropriate sun protection attire (Hat & T-shirt), and regularly apply 30+ suncreen as per the Sun Smart sun protection recommedations when participating in the VICSWIM program. 

Preferred times: whilst every possible effort will be taken to comply with requests for preferred class times,we do not guarantee that these times will be available upon booking.