VICSWIM Program Criteria & Enrolment Information

Please read the following details carefully to enrol your child in the appropriate skill level. 

Using the information below as a guide will assist you with the tools to enrol your child/children into the appropriate skill level based on their present swimming capabilities.
For example: If your child has mastered all activities outlined in Level A, they are eligible to move onto a Level B class and so on.This process will be completed until you reach a skill level your child is working on, this level will then be the class to enrol your child into for the VICSWIM program.
Please note: all children will be assessed on day one of the VICSWIM program. This ensures children are placed in the correct level based on their present skill attainment. With this in mind, your child/ren enrolled time may change to accomodate a best fit approach.

Pool Based Criteria

Enrolments are based on students working on achieving the following criteria per level, if the student has achieved the requirements outlined below for that level they are eligible to move to the next skill level.   Teacher / Student Ratio
Pool Open Water


  • Little or no previous water experience
  • Safe entry and exit of water
  • Whole face in water and blow bubbles
  • Kick on front with aid - recover to stand
  • Kick on back with aid - recover to stand
  • Grasp and be rescued with a rigid object
1:6 NA


  • Push and glide to flutter kick 3 metres, face in the water 
  • Kick on back 5 metre with flotation aid, ears in the water 
  • Submerge body while blowing bubbles
  • Push off the floor and glide; confident recovery to stand position
  • Aided 30 second float signal for help
  • Safely jump from the edge to the teacher 
  • Be rescued with a rope 
1:6 NA


  • Entry and exit from deep water
  • 10 metres backstroke - introduction only
  • 10 metres freestyle - introduction - only
  • Introduction to freestyle breathing 
  • Torpedo 5 metres streamline position
  • Float on front and back without assistance
  • Submerge and recover object from water of chest depth
  • Introductory Survival Sequence
1:6 NA


  • 15 metres of backstroke and freestyle using efficient technique
  • 5 metres introduction to lifesaving backstroke kick with board
  • 5 metres introduction to breastroke kick with a board
  • Be comfortable in deep water
  • Survival Sequence 
  • Float comfortably without assistance.
  • Surface dive, underwater swim 3 metres and recover an object of chest depth
1:8 NA


  • 25 metres of freestyle and backstroke using efficient technique.
  • 10 metres lifesaving backstroke using efficient technique
  • Introduction to breastroke and sidestroke
  • Survival Sequence with clothes
  • Surface dive, swim underwater and recover an object equivalent to students height
1:10 NA


  • Swim continuously for 100 metres using efficient technique in
    freestyle, backstroke, lifesaving backstroke and breaststroke.
  • 15 metres of breastroke using efficient technique
  • 10 metres of sidestroke kick using efficient technique
  • Survival scull, float or tread water for 4 minutes whilst wearing
    long-sleeved shirt and trousers.
  • Swim slowly for 6 minutes using survival strokes whilst wearing
    long-sleeved shirt and trousers.
  • Surface dive and recover items in depth equivalent to height.
  • Introductory to eggbeater kick 
  • Rope rescue 5 metres
1:10 NA


  • Swim continuously for 250 metres using efficient technique in freestyle, backstroke, lifesaving backstroke, breaststoke and sidestroke.
  • 25 metres butterfly 
  • Stride entry,entry selected by teacher & two other safet entries.
  • Efficient eggbeater kick without the use of arms
  • Survival scull, float, tread water or eggbeater kick for 3 minutes.
  • Submerge feet first - scull on back under water for 3 metres
  • Swim 50 metres quickly, swim 50 metres slowly
  • Demonstrate for 1 minute the use of a buoyant aid to provide support
  • Advanced lifejacket activity 
1:10 NA
Special Needs / Medical Conditions
When enrolling, please indicate any special needs or medical conditions your child may have. Space has been provided for additional information (please provide a detailed explanation of your childs medical condition to ensure that the instructor is able to cater and tailor the program to enhance learning oppotunities)
Integration of children with a special need into the program is encouraged. One to one assistance may be provided if necessary. Participation is conditional upon the VICSWIM location being able to provide the additional support services.
For further information on these services. Please call the VICSWIM office on (03) 9271 3800 to discuss.